Trip to the Museum of Ice Cream

I scream

You scream

We all scream…

For the Museum of Ice cream ( MoI) !  img_0336

Hey everyone, I was recently lucky enough to go to the museum of icecream! First off, let’s talk about how crazy it was to actually purchase tickets.

The MoI was suppose to be a pop-up that only lasted a few months, I tried to get tickets for the first round but they sold out. But lucky me they decided to keep it running for another installment!

I had to hop on to their website the minute the tickets went on sale and I still waited about 10-20 mins before I was able to purchase! Almost as crazy as buying Adele concert tickets! Well, it was worth it! And because it was so magical and delicous I thought I’d share with you all!

The MoI experience starts before you walk in, the building is painted in the cutest shade of pink ever! And while you are waiting in line they have an outdoor garden area where you can play corn-hole, hoolahoop, and other fun games!

And then you get to enter the magical place! You first go to a room where you can taste chocolate and are told of the rules! Then it’s into the phone room!

Which was seriously so cute! You could listen to messages too!

Then you go into the next room, the los angelos themed room!

Every detail was perfection! They also treat you to an amazing icecream treat!

Then you get to go to the banana split room! With scratch and sniff wallpaper!

Then it’s off to the mint room, where you learn the fun fact that mint chip is the most favored flavor… what ?!?

It smelled amazing in here, plus we got to eat mint chip mochi!

Then you get to go into the sherbet 70’s style room!

Then your off to the popsicle and then gummy bear room! Plus you get to eat gummy bears!!

Then you go to a chocolate icecream paradise!

I didn’t care much for the treat in this room. 

And they save the best for last: the sprinkle pool! Everyone that went in was laughing so hard. It was so fun!!!

My favorite part! But trust me when I say we found sprinkles for days!

Then you get to go to the cutest gift shop, where you can take the cutest selfies, eat more treats and shop!

I really wish we could go again, but for now I’ll just drool over these pics!


Hope you enjoyed this piece!


Spring beauty favorites 🌼

Hey everyone!

When I first re-created my blog I was not planning on doing a beauty section, but I’ve done a few posts and it was so fun, and everyone seemed to like them so here is another.

I am too busy to be bothered with a monthly beauty favorites (I tried), however I have decided to commit to doing a seasonal favorites! So here are my spring beauty favorites!

                                                                 .             .              .


1. Not your mother’s dry shampoo: tapioca!

I really love the smell of this dry shampoo! I try to go a few days without washing my very thick, knot-prone hair. I do not have greesy hair so I do not always need dry shampoo I mainly like it to freshen my hair when I’m in between washes! It is a super great product for decent price, and you can grab it at target which is always a plus!

2. Dove dry spray deodorant: I had seen dove cosmeticians about this spray and wanted to try it out! I have been a secret fan since I ever started using deodorant. This was a little pricy, but I love it! It has lasted a long time, smells great and it really is dry! I highly recommend it!

3. Allier cologne:

I know I had mentioned this before, but I finally got this in a full bottle and I love it! It smells amazing!! And it’s now available at sephora!

4.  Naked urban decay foundation:

The best light-weight foundation perfect of spring and summer! It is my perfect shade, and it blends so easy! It is a little too light when I have acne but, I use a counselor and viola!

5. Bio Oil:

When your gearing up for summer, a go-to should be bio oil. I started using this on some scars and I had noticed a difference! It is pretty oily so make sure your not wearing anything you don’t want to damage when using it! Also a little goes a long way!

6. Essie nail polish: limo-scene & stones and roses.

These have been my go to nail colors this spring! I loved the darker pink when it was colder! And now I am obsessed with the the lighter color! The lighter color is perfect to show off my new engagement ring!

7. Ogx argon and morocco hair oil

I love hair oils and serums! But I hate how expensive they are. I found this ogx brand to be a perfect medium! It smells amazing, my hair is so shinny and soft and it doesn’t brake the bank! And of course it’s available at target! What’s not to love!

8. Clinique prestart with spf 15:

I got this as a gift from sephora, and it is amazing! In spring and summer it’s so important to pretect our skin! Not sure why it retails for, most likely a bit out of my budget but it’s still really nice!

9.  Eos lip balm: mint.

I’ev shared my love of eos lip balm before, but I really love this new (to me) flavor! It’s perfect for spring!

                                                                    .          .          .  


Thank you for reading my blog! I’d love to hear some of your favorites in the comments below! And, also comment on some beauty products I must get for summer!!


The Happiest Place on Earth

Hello everyone! We just got back from our “Minnie” vacation and I thought it would be fun to write a little blog post! 

                           .     .     .
When I was a junior in high school I went to Disneyland with the high school band! I had only been once before (also with the band).

At this point, Jeff had already graduated and was a freshman in college. Somehow we were talking about my upcoming trip and he asked me to get him a cream cheese stuffed pretzel (totally thinking I wouldn’t). On the last night of my trip, and at the last possible minute I got the pretzel! I put it in the fridge at my hotel, and then on ice on the 9hr bus ride home! I texted Jeff that I brought back his pretzel, he couldn’t believe it. 

Looking back, at the time I thought I was just being a really nice friend, but obviously (now), to me it means so much more. Why was I so compelled to do this gester back then, in my mind we were just friends, and would always be just friends. But, I think my heart may have know way before I even realized that this man was someone incredibly special. 

A day or two later, Jeff decided that he would pick up the pretzel from me on his way to school. I think I was hoping it would land me a reason to hang out! But, he just got the pretzel and road off on his bike to class! And that was that.

 When we look back, we both laugh at how shy we were. I remember the encounter of the pretzel exchange, we both were unsure of each other, and I remember thinking then I was nervous to give it to him because it felt like such a length to go for someone that was just my friend! 

Fast-forward, 7 years later and here we were, ready to go back to Disneyland, now being a couple for 5 and a half (almost) years! Isn’t it weird how life goes full circle ? I mean, I literally brought that pretzel back to Jeff 7 years ago this very same weekend! 

Before our trip, we talked about this memory, and how special it was to us. The Me back then would have never thought that this is where WE would be today. Living in Los Angeles, and building a beautiful life together! So, aside from the fun and excitement that is Disneyland, this trip was going to be a little extra fun and special for us! 

Then, the weekend only became more magical, more special, and unforgettable. 

When you’re been together for as long as we’ve been, talk of marriage is eminent. For years, friends and family have asked us: when are you getting engaged? Of course for us the answer was always years away, a long time, when we are done with college, and when we’re ready! 

I think every girl in a serious and loving relationship, dreams of her perfect engagement ring, I’ve been looking at rings on Pinterest since before Jeff and I even started dating( it’s just a girl thing)! 

In January I stumbled upon this beautiful ring at Costco of all places, and I told Jeff, look this is the one. We had been talking about marriage, getting engaged, etc for years, so the topic wasn’t completely taboo for us. I told him even if he wasn’t ready that if he could, he should buy it because I loved it and who knows if they would have it when he would be ready! 

And that’s exactly what he did… sometime in January he went to the store and he purchased my engagement ring. For months he kept it hidden , at a friends house and then at our apartment. Waiting for the right opportunity, waiting to know when he felt completely ready. 

On Wednesday of last week, Jeff comes home and tells me that he now had the entire weekend off, a complete rarity in our lives. I had been looking at Disneyland tickets for a while, and they were offering their so-cal pass, basically it’s buy two days and get a third free that’s how great of a deal it is! But, the catch is it had to be used before may 25th. We rarely have two days off together, so I thought there was no way we could go, but when Jeff said he had the weekend off, I was like uh, can we pleeeeeeease go to Disneyland for the weekend?!?!? 

He was apprehensive, we both work two jobs, and are often exhausted, did we really want to spend the weekend exhausting ourselves and not resting up ? But at my practical begging, he said okay, we can go! I quickly booked our tickets and hotel! We were going on a “Minnie ” vacation. 

Thursday and Friday were a little hectic, trying to set-up my cat sitter (shout out to our old roommate Chelsea who actually cares for animals as a job), getting the house ready and packing, and trying to get off work early to beat traffic (we didn’t, it took us 2.5 hrs to get to Disneyland, we only live an hour away). 

On Friday I got home slightly earlier than Jeff. I finished the last minute things, packed our bags, and waited for him to get home. He gets home and goes to our closet to change from his work clothes, with the closet door shut. Of course I’m in a rush to get out the door, so I open the door and it appears that he is messing around with the clothes. I asked him what he was doing, I already packed everything, it was time to get going. 

To my complete and totally surprise, he turns around with a jewelry box, and I was like oh wow he got me a sweet present for our trip. He then says “I have something to ask you.” I totally thought he was joking around, and I was like yeah okay and he walks into our bedroom and gets down on one knee and purposes to me! I was so shocked, I said really ? He said yes, really. 

I think I may have blacked out from shock or something because I don’t even remember saying yes, which I did! 

We were both shaking and he needed to cut the tag off still( haha) and then he slipped it on my finger. He said he thought it would be romantic to catch me completely off guard (he did!), and that it would have been too cheesy to do at Disneyland, but he wanted us to have an amazing thing to celebrate! 

He told me, “how cool is it that we now get to go to Disneyland as an engaged couple?” It’s beyond cool. 

I think I’m still in shock! On our way down to Disney, I called most of my family and shared with my friends! Everyone has been so excited and loving and I’m so greatful for all the love and support! 

We are looking forward to this next chapter in our lives! And for the record, we have no idea of when we will be getting married, or how soon. 

For now, we are just enjoying being engaged! 

                        .      .      . 

             Thanks for reading! 

How to plan and book a trip to Europe, (for cheap)! 

Weekend Brunch (1)Hey guys! Recently I have been asked by a few people about my travels, how I create my travel itinerary, staying in a budget, and tips. So, I thought it would be fun to do a series of how to’s, for when you are planning a trip (Europe)!

.       .      .

Setting a budget:

  • First thing you need to do is set a budget. In order to do so you can read other fellow travel bloggers, or pick up Rick Steve’s Europe through the back door, which gives insight into the current costs of traveling in and around Europe!
  • It will depend on who you are asking, but if you are anything like me ( trying to stretch your dollars, don’t mind walking EVERYWHERE, can skip a few tours, and can shop at a grocery store) then you can get away with spending $50 or less a day in Europe, that’s including food, site-seeing expenses, travel (bus, train, etc), and souvenirs!
  • For two people, my budget was about $5,000 dollars for 30 days in Europe, which included our flights and lodging, gear for the trip (backpacks) and daily spending money. We spent about $4,700 for TWO people! It’s doable!
  • Here are some main reasons we were able to save so much: 1: We traveled with friends, we were in a group of 4 for half our trip, so we were able to split the cost of hotels, hostels, and our air bnb’s. 2: We stayed in places near (walking distance) what we wanted to see, but just far enough that it saved us $$! This also meant we were not near the touristy food places that jack-up the prices! 3: We shopped at local grocers for our breakfast and lunch- we also tried to book as many places that had breakfast included. 4: We often skipped paying to see everything little thing, this meant we skipped seeing the inside of the colosseum (bummer), but we were still just as excited to see it from the outside (a bonus & savings )! 5: I limited myself to one-ish souvenir per country, instead of buying a shirt of everyplace or a magnet/key chain etc, I tried looking for something very unique or special from each country such as handmade earrings from a Berlin food market, or a beautiful leather purse from Florence!
  • Also, great news for those who are planning a trip this year, due to the brexit vote both the euro and the pound have gone down, which means you are able to stretch your dollars a little bit more! If your interested in knowing the exact price of dollar to euro look it up on google!

Buying tickets:

  • Once you have set your budget, you can begin looking for tickets. Everyone has recommendations for how to get the cheapest flights, here’s my advice: if you have a very specific location in mind say London you should start looking for tickets at least 6-8 months before your travel dates.
  • When I flew one-way to Norway I bought our tickets in September, and we were traveling in June! Thats 9 months early! I got the tickets for about $200 dollars a person. If I had waited until 3 months before which many recommend I would have been paying twice as much ( I checked!) I also booked our tickets home from Spain for about $300 a person, which we purchased in November 9 months early again.
  • I would recommend to keep looking and waiting, the prices kept fluctuating!
  • Book one-way as much as possible, especially if you plan on going to many countries!
  • In my opinion there is a peak in ticket buying season. If you want to buy tickets for traveling in the summer you need to look way ahead of time, but if your looking to travel during off seasons such as January-April or even September-November, then you may still be able to find great deals closer to your date.
  • In addition to tickets to and from Europe, you will need to figure out how will you get to each country ? Many others recommend the Euro-rail pass- I DON’T, here’s why: the Euro-rail pass costs anywhere from 500-700 dollars, but the cost doesn’t end there, you also have to pay for train rides once your in Europe! So how do you get around Europe then ?
  • Book flights! Domestic flights in Europe are SUPER cheap. For example we payed $18 dollars for a flight from Italy to Paris. We payed about $200 or less per person for all of our travel throughout Europe, that’s less than what it costs for ONE euro-rail pass!
  • Here’s what I’ll say about booking flights between countries- they save you so much money and Time! If your in Europe the most valuable thing you have is your time, and you do not want to waste it on a 8hr train ride, when you could fly for 2hrs instead! However, the downside of flying everywhere is some of the euro airlines have strict bag rules so you need to be careful, also if your like me you’ll be airplane sick every time you fly!
  • My other advice when booking flights, and one thing I would change from my experience is to NOT book the very earliest flight. My reason behind booking the earliest flight was that it would give us the optimum amount of time in the next country, but it has many down sides. Such as, getting up early, and having to take taxes to the airport instead of local transportation which is no fun!
  • I always use google flights, it looks directly at the airlines prices. Other sites such as orbits may have additional fees. Make sure to check multiple sites before booking!

Booking lodging: 

  • Don’t be afraid to check many many many sites!
  • Buyer beware- booking hostels may seem like the best deal, but I’m here to say it’s not quiet so if your traveling in multiples!
  • If you have a group of friends like me (4 people) then the best deals for staying in Europe is to NOT stay at a hostel!
  • Make sure to do lots of research. You will need to first think about all that you want to see, if your in Rome do you want to be near the colosseum, if your in Paris then you might want to be close to the Effie tower, etc.
  • The best sites I used were air B n B and More often then not, had the best deals on close(proximity) hotels with bathrooms, and free breakfast. And because I booked so many nights through their website I was able to redeem two free nights!

.          .         .

Do you have any tips when planning and booking a trip to Europe or elsewhere, let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


Life update: I’m still here! 

Hello everyone! 

I have been soooo busy and haven’t been able to post in a long time. At the end of January I was hired for a full-time position and have continued to also work my part-time job as well, so right now I  working around 50hrs a week (insane, I know) this has left little time for me to do anything, let alone blog! But, hold tight because I do have a few blogs planned that I am hoping to have finished by the end of April! 
Thanks for reading! 


24 Facts About Me

Hey guys, in lue of my 24th birthday on Tuesday feb 14th I thought it would be fun to write 24 fun facts about me! Here goes…. 
1.  I am a California native! But, i’ev only lived in California for 23 years, because one year after I graduated college I moved to Utah where I have some family. I went to college and worked, but I missed my home too much! Also I think I will always live in California, I love it here! 

2. I have two siblings, but I rarely see them because they live in Utah. I am the oldest, and also an auntie to two little cuties! 

3. I have a cute little kitty. She is almost 4 years old! I “rescued” her from a neighbor who had a very young cat they did not fix get pregnant. The poor kitties were all born outside and the momma brought the babies into our yard, (it had on multiple occasions,😪) we found all the kitiens homes, and eventually got the momma fixed and adopted. I love my kitty so much, we’re defiantly co-dependent! 

4. I recently graduated with a degree in psychology! I love psychology, and was introduced to it in high school! 

5. I work two jobs, as a behavioral interventionist for children with autism spectrum and other disorders. My day-to-day constantly changes and presents it’s challenges but it is so much fun to work with kids! 

6. I literally cannot wait to have children of my mine own, if I was in the perfect place I’d love to be a momma right now. Actually my whole life I’ve always been the “momma” of my friend groups! 

7. I’m a fairly picky eater— and before you say anything, no it’s not a choice. I hate how looked down upon people are when you say you’re picky- yeah I wish I wasn’t picky either it would make MY life a whole lot easier too! But ever since I turned 21 my taste buds have changed so much, and lately I eat way more things even when I don’t like it! 

8. Speaking of food preferences please never serve me cilantro! Haha, does anyone else gag when they taste it ?! It’s like an inante thing, it doesn’t even taste gross to me it just makes me gag! Haha sorry for the TMI! 

9. I love decorating, houses, parties, you name it I love it. And if I say so myself, I think I have a nact for it! 

10. I use to be a dog lover, but since having my cat I much prefer cats. It’s just less work! And if you train your cat the best you can, they tend to be cute and cuddly and loving too! 

11. I think one of my most guilty pleasures is getting a peticure! 

12. I’ve become obsessed with the color copper! I want copper colored everything!!! 

13. I absolutely love swimming! I am a walking fish out of the water. Any and all opportunities I have to get into some water I take! 

14. 14 is my lucky number! I was born on feb 14th so I chose it as my lucky number ! 

15. I have the worst bladder in the world. I swear it’s 90 years old! 

16. I think my favorite food would be Italian! I love all pasta!!! I especially loved the Italian food in Italy! 

17. I got my driver’s license a month late on March 17th or st paddys day. My mom was convinced I could just take the test without taking a course, but turns out we couldn’t, and the DMV did not have an appointment until then! The day I did my driving test I was so nervous! I woke up and was pacing back in forth in my bathroom! I couldn’t parelle park for my life! But during the test I somehow pulled through! 

18. A little bit after my 18th birthday my mom and I went to Las Vegas, and we saw lion kind and the phantom of the opera! And I just went back this weekend! It’s much better when your past 21! 

19. I’ve known my boyfriend since I was 14 years old! 10 years folks ! We started dating when I was just 18! We’ve been dating for a little over 5 years, and he is my absolute best friend, we still love spending as much time with eachother as possible ! 

20. If I could just infinitely travel I totally would! The first big trip I went on as an adult was to Ireland! After that I became so obsessed with “where to next “! 

21. One of my favorite birthdays was my 21st I was the “baby” of my friend group, and once I turned 21 all my friends were so excited that I had about 15 or more people group that went out with me and everyone just had such a good time! 

22. Not sure if it’s a fun fact, but I totally suck and French braiding hair, but always want to French braid my hair ! 

23. I’ve pretty much had really long hair my whole life, and I much prefer long hair on me! I am always tempted to cut it, but it never looks good! And I’ve never had my hair professionally dyed! 

24. I’ve struggled with eating disorders and depression  throughout my life, but I finally feel that within the past few years I have come to appreciate and truly love myself! I defiantly have my moments, but for the most part I am truly happy with where I am at, at 24 years old! It can pretty much only get better from here! 
What’s some fun facts about you? Thanks for reading! 


Road Trip Essentials! 

Hey guys, thanks for reading my blog! I recently embarked on a road trip from los angles to my hometown (Chico). It is about a seven or so hour drive. We needed to go to Chico because it was time to finally move my sweet little kitty down to L.A. Everything went smoothly, kitty made a safe arrival, and we saw some friends and family! On average we usually make this journey once a month or so, now that Jeff and I are both working two jobs though and we have finally moved all of our precocious cargo down here, the trips will be less frequent. 

So for the past year and a half I’d say iev been road tripping up and down California, so much that I know exactly the perfect things to bring on the road. Even if the journey isn’t too far, like when we drove two hours to San Diego to visit friends, I still bring these essentials with me! 

1. Water !!!! 

You can seriously never have enough water on the road. If your extra causious like me, you may even just keep and extra case in the trunk ! I usually make sure I have some ice-cold water handy! I hate having to pay and arm-and-a-leg for water on the road! 
2. Comfy clothing! 

Yeah maybe your driving up on thanksgiving or you want to look cute when you meet up with friends, but wearing leggings and a loose shirt is the way to go! Basically for any traveling that I do I almost always wear leggings a comfy but cute shirt and sweater! I always get cold in the car, and if your riding with others it’s best to be prepared for their temperature likes and dislikes.( Jeff hates having the air too cold or hot, so I also dress accordingly!)

3. A blanket

For all the reasons above ! 

I never leave without one! 
4. Blue-tooth or portable speaker. 

If you have an older car like me, that you cannot plug an iPhone into, but you want to listen to your phone, then just do what I do and being a portable speaker! Just remember to bring the charger! 

5. Charger & splitter! 

Two is better than one! 
6. Advil 

When your in the car for a long time, you tend to get stiff and sore, which means a headache waiting to happen for me! I always make sure I have Advil with me! 

7. Snacks! 

If you want to avoid the pricey food along the way, bring some snacks with you! I usually bring crackers, chips, fruit, chocolate, It sort of depends on what I have in the cupboard at the time, haha! 🤣

8. Lip balm 

I always get chapped lips when on the road, maybe it’s all the talking in the car or singing along with the music! But lip balm is a must ! 
9.  Camera

No matter how far we are going I almost always remember to pack my camera! I love capturing moments and beautiful scenery! 
10. Sun glasses! 

If your driving through different areas, you never know when you’ll be hiring some sunshine! And seriously those sun blockers in cars are terrible at their job! 

January Beauty Favorites (& Reviews)!

Hello Everyone, once again thanks for heading over to my blog. I know I insisted that I wouldn’t regularly post beauty blogs, but I have been using some new products that I love and want to share!


1.  Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara- in Black


I was gifted this mascara for christmas, and I absolutely love it! I love the tube design, I love anything rose-gold-esc. The tube itself is really well made, it is heaaaaavy! I have fairly long, but thin lashes, so I love mascara that gives me a fuller look, and this mascara is great for that ! It has a great sized brush and I like the hour-glass shape of it. I typically wear brown mascara but this isn’t too dark for my fair skin! I think I may have found my new favorite mascara, and I am still loving the too faced bronzer, they make amazing products !

2. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer- Radiance


I got this as a free sample from sephora from using my reward points! If you haven’t signed up for their reward card it’s worth it because who doesn’t spend so much money when your in their store? This has a tint to it, and it is super light-weight. I am not sure if it’s a keeper yet, but we’ll see how much a larger one is!

3. Atelier Cologne- Vanile insensee


I also got this product as a free sample at sephora! I love love love it! It smells amazing, need I say more? Oh and a little go a long way!

4. Elf Concealer- Fairdscn1560

I just got this concealer because I was out, and not wanting to spend too much, elf has some good products and some not so great. I tired their light foundation which was a little orangey, and so is this product, but it gets the job done for now, still looking for a new concealer that’s not too much, if you have any ideas please comment below!

5. Mac Matte Lipstick- Velvet Teddy


I was first introduced to this shade last year from a friend. I bought it a few months later, and haven’t used it much until this month! I don’t know why but I have been loving it right now ! Mac is pretty expensive for lipsticks, so I would highly recommend finding the perfect one, honestly I probably won’t be buying this product once it runs out, because I can find such similar products for a better price!

.        .        .

Thanks again for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my January favorites and reviews, what’s some of your Jan favs?


Half a Decade

Soul Mates

 .      .     .

” I don’t know how it is you are so familiar to me- or why it feels less like I am getting to know you and more as thought I am remembering who you are. How every smile, every whisper brings me closer to the impossible conclusion that I have known you before, I have loved you before- in another time, a different place- some other existence. ” -Lang Leav

 .      .     .

Five years with the one I love. What an accomplishment and what a stamp of time, five years is. Five years seems like such a testament to my relationship, that if we could make it through the good times and the bad and still be here five years later, happier, and more in love, then we can make it through much more.  And while five years seems like a lifetime to be in a relationship, it feels as if it is such a small amount of time. I feel like I wish I had even more time. It feels like I want even more time to make-up for the time we didn’t share every moment, every happiness, and everything with each other.  I am still learning, I am still growing, and I honestly couldn’t be happier. What a privledge it is to be in love, and to be loved. I am truly so lucky to have such a great partner in life! 

 .      .     .

I want to make a blog about some of the great times I have shared with Jeff to celebrate our Five Year anniversary, here’s to five more !  (We have both changed so much, and also the picture quality has improved so much too!)

 .      .     .

Year one: A year of many “firsts”.

{January 18th 2012-January 18th 2013}


“Our first picture together”


“Enjoying some sushi”


“Making your friends, my friends”

“Our first vacation”


“Our first Halloween”


“Our first Christmas”


“Our first New Years”


“Our first snow trip”

Year Two:

{January 18th 2013- January 18th 2014}


“Date Night Ready”


“The Time We Almost Died”


“Best Couples Costume Goes Too…”

Year three:

{January 18th 2014- January 18th 2015}


“21st Birthday Celebrations”


“Cute, but bad quality”


“Trip of a lifetime”

Year Four:

{January 18th 2015-January 18th 2016}


“12-hour Road Trip Faces”


“Dinosaur museum fun-blur cause no makeup, haha”

“When Jeff got accepted to his D.I, but then had to move to L.A”


“Jeff’s going away party”


“When Jeff moved to L.A”


“When I came to visit, and we went to the Getty”


“When Jeff came to visit for Halloween”


“Thanksgiving visits”


“When Christmas came early”

“New Years”

Year Five:

{January 18th 2016- January 28 2017-Today! }


“When I visited and we went to the Griffith Observatory”


“Starring into our future”


“We have some weird friends-my birthday”


“We have some great friends, too, ha-spring break!”


“When we both graduated-Jeff’s grad”


“Jetting off to Europe”

“Europe Selfies”


“Seeing Louis C.K.”

“A fantastic summer”


“Pumpkin Patches”


“Enjoying L.A.”

Five years has flown by, and I honestly cannot wait for the next five! I am so lucky to have such a passionate, successful, caring, supportive, kind, smart, loving person in my life! Thanks for being the love of my life & best friend.

 .      .     .

Since our anniversary falls on a wednesday, were not doing anything too “big”.  I wanted to do a “staycation” but it just not good timing. But, I am so excited to just share the evening with him! Totally taking L.A. related suggestions, haha!

 .      .     .

What kinds of things do you do when your anniversary comes around?

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23 Flights in a Year

Hey guys,  thank you for visiting my blog!

In 2016, I flew 23 times,  7 different airlines, and visited 20 different airports (I know I can hardly keep track myself).

 So, I figured since I have some experience flying many different airlines, that I would rate and review the 7 different airlines I flew on in 2016! I flew both domestic and international. (These ratings are based on the airlines that I flew, not necessarily all airlines I have been on before). I am going to list them from last place to first place.

7. Vueling

Vueling is an European airlines. The reason they are in “last” place is because we didn’t have such a great experience with them. We flew them from Paris to Barcelona. Our flight kept being changed and canceled and moved around, and they weren’t great with giving us updates. Eventually we got on our flight. Also they have pretty strict baggage regulations.

6. American Airlines

           I have flown AA quite a few times, and to be honest I have never been impressed. They do have great deals, so I will continue to fly. The reason I am putting them 6th place, is because I had a red-eye from Los Angles to Philadelphia and then onto Manchester, New Hampshire. The flight was delayed because the crew was on another delayed flight. I ended up missing my connection in Philly, and had to wait in the airport much longer than planned. And the whole reason I had chosen this particular flight was to get in early. So I was a little disappointed. AA did change my flight quickly, and the staff at the LAX airport were so kind. So while I had one bad experience, they still have some good qualities.

5. Ryan Air


I have flown Ryan Air a few times, and honestly I haven’t had any bad experiences. They are what you pay for, they are known for their low-fare flights. They do a great job too, just not the coziest flight. I love that they have the menu on the seat in front of you, and the music when you land. We flew with them from Berlin to Rome (pictured above).

4. United Airlines

I have always enjoyed flying with United. They typically have good prices, and they are comfortable! But not the best I flew this year!


3. Allegiant

Allegiant is an American low-fare airlines. They are fairly new on the scene. I flew with them in December from L.A. to Provo Utah. They have some strict baggage rules, so they make the list in third.

2. Southwest


I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Southwest. I love that you can pick your own seat, but I dislike how you can buy your way to the front. I always check in within seconds of the 24 hour to try and get in the “A” section.  I love that they let you bring two bags for under the plane for free! It makes you feel less stressed. What is also great about them is that do not have a change fee. They also offer free drinks to passengers who are flying on holidays! I did have a terrible experience with them, and I “ranted” about it on my social media, and they emailed me with an apology and they gifted me enough money to not only cover my flight but a little extra! So they are a great airlines to fly. Even if they make a mistake, they make it right!

1.    Norwegian Air:

Norwegian Air was my favorite airlines I flew this year. I flew from L.A. to Oslo, Norway. Norwegian Air recently invested in new planes, and they are great. They are also offering flights for a great deal. We paid about 500 dollars for our way to and from Europe this summer!!! What I really loved about their airlines was how luxurious the plane felt. They had unique lighting to help with jet lag. Also if you want to pay for the meal plan it is worth it! The food is great and they have wine and beer and beverages with the meal. They are also fine with people moving about the cabin, which most airlines forbid. Best flight experience I had of all the flights I took this year!

.       .       .

What do you guys think of my rankings?


Thanks for reading!