Trip to the Museum of Ice Cream

I scream

You scream

We all scream…

For the Museum of Ice cream ( MoI) !  img_0336

Hey everyone, I was recently lucky enough to go to the museum of icecream! First off, let’s talk about how crazy it was to actually purchase tickets.

The MoI was suppose to be a pop-up that only lasted a few months, I tried to get tickets for the first round but they sold out. But lucky me they decided to keep it running for another installment!

I had to hop on to their website the minute the tickets went on sale and I still waited about 10-20 mins before I was able to purchase! Almost as crazy as buying Adele concert tickets! Well, it was worth it! And because it was so magical and delicous I thought I’d share with you all!

The MoI experience starts before you walk in, the building is painted in the cutest shade of pink ever! And while you are waiting in line they have an outdoor garden area where you can play corn-hole, hoolahoop, and other fun games!

And then you get to enter the magical place! You first go to a room where you can taste chocolate and are told of the rules! Then it’s into the phone room!

Which was seriously so cute! You could listen to messages too!

Then you go into the next room, the los angelos themed room!

Every detail was perfection! They also treat you to an amazing icecream treat!

Then you get to go to the banana split room! With scratch and sniff wallpaper!

Then it’s off to the mint room, where you learn the fun fact that mint chip is the most favored flavor… what ?!?

It smelled amazing in here, plus we got to eat mint chip mochi!

Then you get to go into the sherbet 70’s style room!

Then your off to the popsicle and then gummy bear room! Plus you get to eat gummy bears!!

Then you go to a chocolate icecream paradise!

I didn’t care much for the treat in this room. 

And they save the best for last: the sprinkle pool! Everyone that went in was laughing so hard. It was so fun!!!

My favorite part! But trust me when I say we found sprinkles for days!

Then you get to go to the cutest gift shop, where you can take the cutest selfies, eat more treats and shop!

I really wish we could go again, but for now I’ll just drool over these pics!


Hope you enjoyed this piece!



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