Spring beauty favorites 🌼

Hey everyone!

When I first re-created my blog I was not planning on doing a beauty section, but I’ve done a few posts and it was so fun, and everyone seemed to like them so here is another.

I am too busy to be bothered with a monthly beauty favorites (I tried), however I have decided to commit to doing a seasonal favorites! So here are my spring beauty favorites!

                                                                 .             .              .


1. Not your mother’s dry shampoo: tapioca!

I really love the smell of this dry shampoo! I try to go a few days without washing my very thick, knot-prone hair. I do not have greesy hair so I do not always need dry shampoo I mainly like it to freshen my hair when I’m in between washes! It is a super great product for decent price, and you can grab it at target which is always a plus!

2. Dove dry spray deodorant: I had seen dove cosmeticians about this spray and wanted to try it out! I have been a secret fan since I ever started using deodorant. This was a little pricy, but I love it! It has lasted a long time, smells great and it really is dry! I highly recommend it!

3. Allier cologne:

I know I had mentioned this before, but I finally got this in a full bottle and I love it! It smells amazing!! And it’s now available at sephora!

4.  Naked urban decay foundation:

The best light-weight foundation perfect of spring and summer! It is my perfect shade, and it blends so easy! It is a little too light when I have acne but, I use a counselor and viola!

5. Bio Oil:

When your gearing up for summer, a go-to should be bio oil. I started using this on some scars and I had noticed a difference! It is pretty oily so make sure your not wearing anything you don’t want to damage when using it! Also a little goes a long way!

6. Essie nail polish: limo-scene & stones and roses.

These have been my go to nail colors this spring! I loved the darker pink when it was colder! And now I am obsessed with the the lighter color! The lighter color is perfect to show off my new engagement ring!

7. Ogx argon and morocco hair oil

I love hair oils and serums! But I hate how expensive they are. I found this ogx brand to be a perfect medium! It smells amazing, my hair is so shinny and soft and it doesn’t brake the bank! And of course it’s available at target! What’s not to love!

8. Clinique prestart with spf 15:

I got this as a gift from sephora, and it is amazing! In spring and summer it’s so important to pretect our skin! Not sure why it retails for, most likely a bit out of my budget but it’s still really nice!

9.  Eos lip balm: mint.

I’ev shared my love of eos lip balm before, but I really love this new (to me) flavor! It’s perfect for spring!

                                                                    .          .          .  


Thank you for reading my blog! I’d love to hear some of your favorites in the comments below! And, also comment on some beauty products I must get for summer!!



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