The Happiest Place on Earth

Hello everyone! We just got back from our “Minnie” vacation and I thought it would be fun to write a little blog post!

.     .     .
When I was a junior in high school I went to Disneyland with the high school band! I had only been once before (also with the band).

At this point, Jeff had already graduated and was a freshman in college. Somehow we were talking about my upcoming trip and he asked me to get him a cream cheese stuffed pretzel (totally thinking I wouldn’t). On the last night of my trip, and at the last possible minute I got the pretzel! I put it in the fridge at my hotel, and then on ice on the 9hr bus ride home! I texted Jeff that I brought back his pretzel, he couldn’t believe it. 

Looking back, at the time I thought I was just being a really nice friend, but obviously (now), to me it means so much more. Why was I so compelled to do this gester back then, in my mind we were just friends, and would always be just friends. But, I think my heart may have know way before I even realized that this man was someone incredibly special.

A day or two later, Jeff decided that he would pick up the pretzel from me on his way to school. I think I was hoping it would land me a reason to hang out! But, he just got the pretzel and road off on his bike to class! And that was that.

When we look back, we both laugh at how shy we were. I remember the encounter of the pretzel exchange, we both were unsure of each other, and I remember thinking then I was nervous to give it to him because it felt like such a length to go for someone that was just my friend!

Fast-forward, 7 years later and here we were, ready to go back to Disneyland, now being a couple for 5 and a half (almost) years! Isn’t it weird how life goes full circle ? I mean, I literally brought that pretzel back to Jeff 7 years ago this very same weekend!

Before our trip, we talked about this memory, and how special it was to us. The Me back then would have never thought that this is where WE would be today. Living in Los Angeles, and building a beautiful life together! So, aside from the fun and excitement that is Disneyland, this trip was going to be a little extra fun and special for us!

Then, the weekend only became more magical, more special, and unforgettable.

When you’re been together for as long as we’ve been, talk of marriage is eminent. For years, friends and family have asked us: when are you getting engaged? Of course for us the answer was always years away, a long time, when we are done with college, and when we’re ready!

I think every girl in a serious and loving relationship, dreams of her perfect engagement ring, I’ve been looking at rings on Pinterest since before Jeff and I even started dating( it’s just a girl thing)!

In January I stumbled upon this beautiful ring at Costco of all places, and I told Jeff, look this is the one. We had been talking about marriage, getting engaged, etc for years, so the topic wasn’t completely taboo for us. I told him even if he wasn’t ready that if he could, he should buy it because I loved it and who knows if they would have it when he would be ready!

And that’s exactly what he did… sometime in January he went to the store and he purchased my engagement ring. For months he kept it hidden , at a friends house and then at our apartment. Waiting for the right opportunity, waiting to know when he felt completely ready.

On Wednesday of last week, Jeff comes home and tells me that he now had the entire weekend off, a complete rarity in our lives. I had been looking at Disneyland tickets for a while, and they were offering their so-cal pass, basically it’s buy two days and get a third free that’s how great of a deal it is! But, the catch is it had to be used before may 25th. We rarely have two days off together, so I thought there was no way we could go, but when Jeff said he had the weekend off, I was like uh, can we pleeeeeeease go to Disneyland for the weekend?!?!?

He was apprehensive, we both work two jobs, and are often exhausted, did we really want to spend the weekend exhausting ourselves and not resting up ? But at my practical begging, he said okay, we can go! I quickly booked our tickets and hotel! We were going on a “Minnie ” vacation.

Thursday and Friday were a little hectic, trying to set-up my cat sitter (shout out to our old roommate Chelsea who actually cares for animals as a job), getting the house ready and packing, and trying to get off work early to beat traffic (we didn’t, it took us 2.5 hrs to get to Disneyland, we only live an hour away).

On Friday I got home slightly earlier than Jeff. I finished the last minute things, packed our bags, and waited for him to get home. He gets home and goes to our closet to change from his work clothes, with the closet door shut. Of course I’m in a rush to get out the door, so I open the door and it appears that he is messing around with the clothes. I asked him what he was doing, I already packed everything, it was time to get going.

To my complete and totally surprise, he turns around with a jewelry box, and I was like oh wow he got me a sweet present for our trip. He then says “I have something to ask you.” I totally thought he was joking around, and I was like yeah okay and he walks into our bedroom and gets down on one knee and purposes to me! I was so shocked, I said really ? He said yes, really.

I think I may have blacked out from shock or something because I don’t even remember saying yes, which I did!

We were both shaking and he needed to cut the tag off still( haha) and then he slipped it on my finger. He said he thought it would be romantic to catch me completely off guard (he did!), and that it would have been too cheesy to do at Disneyland, but he wanted us to have an amazing thing to celebrate!

He told me, “how cool is it that we now get to go to Disneyland as an engaged couple?” It’s beyond cool.

I think I’m still in shock! On our way down to Disney, I called most of my family and shared with my friends! Everyone has been so excited and loving and I’m so greatful for all the love and support!

We are looking forward to this next chapter in our lives! And for the record, we have no idea of when we will be getting married, or how soon.

For now, we are just enjoying being engaged! 

.      .      .

Thanks for reading!


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