24 Facts About Me

Hey guys, in lue of my 24th birthday on Tuesday feb 14th I thought it would be fun to write 24 fun facts about me! Here goes….
1.  I am a California native! But, i’ev only lived in California for 23 years, because one year after I graduated college I moved to Utah where I have some family. I went to college and worked, but I missed my home too much! Also I think I will always live in California, I love it here!

2. I have two siblings, but I rarely see them because they live in Utah. I am the oldest, and also an auntie to two little cuties!

3. I have a cute little kitty. She is almost 4 years old! I “rescued” her from a neighbor who had a very young cat they did not fix get pregnant. The poor kitties were all born outside and the momma brought the babies into our yard, (it had on multiple occasions,😪) we found all the kitiens homes, and eventually got the momma fixed and adopted. I love my kitty so much, we’re defiantly co-dependent!

4. I recently graduated with a degree in psychology! I love psychology, and was introduced to it in high school!

5. I work two jobs, as a behavioral interventionist for children with autism spectrum and other disorders. My day-to-day constantly changes and presents it’s challenges but it is so much fun to work with kids!

6. I literally cannot wait to have children of my mine own, if I was in the perfect place I’d love to be a momma right now. Actually my whole life I’ve always been the “momma” of my friend groups!

7. I’m a fairly picky eater— and before you say anything, no it’s not a choice. I hate how looked down upon people are when you say you’re picky- yeah I wish I wasn’t picky either it would make MY life a whole lot easier too! But ever since I turned 21 my taste buds have changed so much, and lately I eat way more things even when I don’t like it!

8. Speaking of food preferences please never serve me cilantro! Haha, does anyone else gag when they taste it ?! It’s like an inante thing, it doesn’t even taste gross to me it just makes me gag! Haha sorry for the TMI!

9. I love decorating, houses, parties, you name it I love it. And if I say so myself, I think I have a nact for it!

10. I use to be a dog lover, but since having my cat I much prefer cats. It’s just less work! And if you train your cat the best you can, they tend to be cute and cuddly and loving too!

11. I think one of my most guilty pleasures is getting a peticure!

12. I’ve become obsessed with the color copper! I want copper colored everything!!!

13. I absolutely love swimming! I am a walking fish out of the water. Any and all opportunities I have to get into some water I take!

14. 14 is my lucky number! I was born on feb 14th so I chose it as my lucky number !

15. I have the worst bladder in the world. I swear it’s 90 years old!

16. I think my favorite food would be Italian! I love all pasta!!! I especially loved the Italian food in Italy!

17. I got my driver’s license a month late on March 17th or st paddys day. My mom was convinced I could just take the test without taking a course, but turns out we couldn’t, and the DMV did not have an appointment until then! The day I did my driving test I was so nervous! I woke up and was pacing back in forth in my bathroom! I couldn’t parelle park for my life! But during the test I somehow pulled through!

18. A little bit after my 18th birthday my mom and I went to Las Vegas, and we saw lion kind and the phantom of the opera! And I just went back this weekend! It’s much better when your past 21!

19. I’ve known my boyfriend since I was 14 years old! 10 years folks ! We started dating when I was just 18! We’ve been dating for a little over 5 years, and he is my absolute best friend, we still love spending as much time with eachother as possible !

20. If I could just infinitely travel I totally would! The first big trip I went on as an adult was to Ireland! After that I became so obsessed with “where to next “!

21. One of my favorite birthdays was my 21st I was the “baby” of my friend group, and once I turned 21 all my friends were so excited that I had about 15 or more people group that went out with me and everyone just had such a good time!

22. Not sure if it’s a fun fact, but I totally suck and French braiding hair, but always want to French braid my hair !

23. I’ve pretty much had really long hair my whole life, and I much prefer long hair on me! I am always tempted to cut it, but it never looks good! And I’ve never had my hair professionally dyed!

24. I’ve struggled with eating disorders and depression  throughout my life, but I finally feel that within the past few years I have come to appreciate and truly love myself! I defiantly have my moments, but for the most part I am truly happy with where I am at, at 24 years old! It can pretty much only get better from here!
What’s some fun facts about you? Thanks for reading!



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