Road Trip Essentials! 

Hey guys, thanks for reading my blog! I recently embarked on a road trip from los angles to my hometown (Chico). It is about a seven or so hour drive. We needed to go to Chico because it was time to finally move my sweet little kitty down to L.A. Everything went smoothly, kitty made a safe arrival, and we saw some friends and family! On average we usually make this journey once a month or so, now that Jeff and I are both working two jobs though and we have finally moved all of our precocious cargo down here, the trips will be less frequent. 

So for the past year and a half I’d say iev been road tripping up and down California, so much that I know exactly the perfect things to bring on the road. Even if the journey isn’t too far, like when we drove two hours to San Diego to visit friends, I still bring these essentials with me! 

1. Water !!!! 

You can seriously never have enough water on the road. If your extra causious like me, you may even just keep and extra case in the trunk ! I usually make sure I have some ice-cold water handy! I hate having to pay and arm-and-a-leg for water on the road! 
2. Comfy clothing! 

Yeah maybe your driving up on thanksgiving or you want to look cute when you meet up with friends, but wearing leggings and a loose shirt is the way to go! Basically for any traveling that I do I almost always wear leggings a comfy but cute shirt and sweater! I always get cold in the car, and if your riding with others it’s best to be prepared for their temperature likes and dislikes.( Jeff hates having the air too cold or hot, so I also dress accordingly!)

3. A blanket

For all the reasons above ! 

I never leave without one! 
4. Blue-tooth or portable speaker. 

If you have an older car like me, that you cannot plug an iPhone into, but you want to listen to your phone, then just do what I do and being a portable speaker! Just remember to bring the charger! 

5. Charger & splitter! 

Two is better than one! 
6. Advil 

When your in the car for a long time, you tend to get stiff and sore, which means a headache waiting to happen for me! I always make sure I have Advil with me! 

7. Snacks! 

If you want to avoid the pricey food along the way, bring some snacks with you! I usually bring crackers, chips, fruit, chocolate, It sort of depends on what I have in the cupboard at the time, haha! 🤣

8. Lip balm 

I always get chapped lips when on the road, maybe it’s all the talking in the car or singing along with the music! But lip balm is a must ! 
9.  Camera

No matter how far we are going I almost always remember to pack my camera! I love capturing moments and beautiful scenery! 
10. Sun glasses! 

If your driving through different areas, you never know when you’ll be hiring some sunshine! And seriously those sun blockers in cars are terrible at their job! 


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