Half a Decade

Soul Mates

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” I don’t know how it is you are so familiar to me- or why it feels less like I am getting to know you and more as thought I am remembering who you are. How every smile, every whisper brings me closer to the impossible conclusion that I have known you before, I have loved you before- in another time, a different place- some other existence. ” -Lang Leav

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Five years with the one I love. What an accomplishment and what a stamp of time, five years is. Five years seems like such a testament to my relationship, that if we could make it through the good times and the bad and still be here five years later, happier, and more in love, then we can make it through much more.  And while five years seems like a lifetime to be in a relationship, it feels as if it is such a small amount of time. I feel like I wish I had even more time. It feels like I want even more time to make-up for the time we didn’t share every moment, every happiness, and everything with each other.  I am still learning, I am still growing, and I honestly couldn’t be happier. What a privledge it is to be in love, and to be loved. I am truly so lucky to have such a great partner in life! 

 .      .     .

I want to make a blog about some of the great times I have shared with Jeff to celebrate our Five Year anniversary, here’s to five more !  (We have both changed so much, and also the picture quality has improved so much too!)

 .      .     .

Year one: A year of many “firsts”.

{January 18th 2012-January 18th 2013}


“Our first picture together”


“Enjoying some sushi”


“Making your friends, my friends”

“Our first vacation”


“Our first Halloween”


“Our first Christmas”


“Our first New Years”


“Our first snow trip”

Year Two:

{January 18th 2013- January 18th 2014}


“Date Night Ready”


“The Time We Almost Died”


“Best Couples Costume Goes Too…”

Year three:

{January 18th 2014- January 18th 2015}


“21st Birthday Celebrations”


“Cute, but bad quality”


“Trip of a lifetime”

Year Four:

{January 18th 2015-January 18th 2016}


“12-hour Road Trip Faces”


“Dinosaur museum fun-blur cause no makeup, haha”

“When Jeff got accepted to his D.I, but then had to move to L.A”


“Jeff’s going away party”


“When Jeff moved to L.A”


“When I came to visit, and we went to the Getty”


“When Jeff came to visit for Halloween”


“Thanksgiving visits”


“When Christmas came early”

“New Years”

Year Five:

{January 18th 2016- January 28 2017-Today! }


“When I visited and we went to the Griffith Observatory”


“Starring into our future”


“We have some weird friends-my birthday”


“We have some great friends, too, ha-spring break!”


“When we both graduated-Jeff’s grad”


“Jetting off to Europe”

“Europe Selfies”


“Seeing Louis C.K.”

“A fantastic summer”


“Pumpkin Patches”


“Enjoying L.A.”

Five years has flown by, and I honestly cannot wait for the next five! I am so lucky to have such a passionate, successful, caring, supportive, kind, smart, loving person in my life! Thanks for being the love of my life & best friend.

 .      .     .

Since our anniversary falls on a wednesday, were not doing anything too “big”.  I wanted to do a “staycation” but it just not good timing. But, I am so excited to just share the evening with him! Totally taking L.A. related suggestions, haha!

 .      .     .

What kinds of things do you do when your anniversary comes around?

Thanks for reading!



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