23 Flights in a Year

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In 2016, I flew 23 times,  7 different airlines, and visited 20 different airports (I know I can hardly keep track myself).

 So, I figured since I have some experience flying many different airlines, that I would rate and review the 7 different airlines I flew on in 2016! I flew both domestic and international. (These ratings are based on the airlines that I flew, not necessarily all airlines I have been on before). I am going to list them from last place to first place.

7. Vueling

Vueling is an European airlines. The reason they are in “last” place is because we didn’t have such a great experience with them. We flew them from Paris to Barcelona. Our flight kept being changed and canceled and moved around, and they weren’t great with giving us updates. Eventually we got on our flight. Also they have pretty strict baggage regulations.

6. American Airlines

           I have flown AA quite a few times, and to be honest I have never been impressed. They do have great deals, so I will continue to fly. The reason I am putting them 6th place, is because I had a red-eye from Los Angles to Philadelphia and then onto Manchester, New Hampshire. The flight was delayed because the crew was on another delayed flight. I ended up missing my connection in Philly, and had to wait in the airport much longer than planned. And the whole reason I had chosen this particular flight was to get in early. So I was a little disappointed. AA did change my flight quickly, and the staff at the LAX airport were so kind. So while I had one bad experience, they still have some good qualities.

5. Ryan Air


I have flown Ryan Air a few times, and honestly I haven’t had any bad experiences. They are what you pay for, they are known for their low-fare flights. They do a great job too, just not the coziest flight. I love that they have the menu on the seat in front of you, and the music when you land. We flew with them from Berlin to Rome (pictured above).

4. United Airlines

I have always enjoyed flying with United. They typically have good prices, and they are comfortable! But not the best I flew this year!


3. Allegiant

Allegiant is an American low-fare airlines. They are fairly new on the scene. I flew with them in December from L.A. to Provo Utah. They have some strict baggage rules, so they make the list in third.

2. Southwest


I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Southwest. I love that you can pick your own seat, but I dislike how you can buy your way to the front. I always check in within seconds of the 24 hour to try and get in the “A” section.  I love that they let you bring two bags for under the plane for free! It makes you feel less stressed. What is also great about them is that do not have a change fee. They also offer free drinks to passengers who are flying on holidays! I did have a terrible experience with them, and I “ranted” about it on my social media, and they emailed me with an apology and they gifted me enough money to not only cover my flight but a little extra! So they are a great airlines to fly. Even if they make a mistake, they make it right!

1.    Norwegian Air:

Norwegian Air was my favorite airlines I flew this year. I flew from L.A. to Oslo, Norway. Norwegian Air recently invested in new planes, and they are great. They are also offering flights for a great deal. We paid about 500 dollars for our way to and from Europe this summer!!! What I really loved about their airlines was how luxurious the plane felt. They had unique lighting to help with jet lag. Also if you want to pay for the meal plan it is worth it! The food is great and they have wine and beer and beverages with the meal. They are also fine with people moving about the cabin, which most airlines forbid. Best flight experience I had of all the flights I took this year!

.       .       .

What do you guys think of my rankings?


Thanks for reading!



5 Replies to “23 Flights in a Year”

  1. Have not flown on any of them except AA. So cannot say! LOL
    But then AA had not impressed us too…
    Our flights in 2016 were generally ok until we hit the smog induced delay at Beijing and missed the connection. No fault of Air China though!


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