Winter Wonder Land- Utah

Hello everyone,

I recently had the yucky flu that is going around! So I have been slacking on getting this post completed. But, I really wanted to get it up, because it it a really fun wintery/ Christmasy post.

I recently traveled to Utah to visit my family. I was only able to squeeze four days in, but we jam-packed them with a bunch of fun things! If you are ever in Utah during the winter, and it is a snowy winter, than you are lucky, it is absolutely gorgeous. This year it was a winter wonderland, which is always so much fun during the holidays, and if you experience practically no weather changes when living in L.A. (haha).

I flew allegiant, a fairly new (at least to me), airlines from LAX to Provo.

I was a little apprehensive about the flying with them, mainly because of my experience with all the low-fare airlines in Europe, (they are so so strict, buyers beware!).  I was worried that they were going to weigh my bag and double check, because they do have you pay for a carry-on ($15 each way). But, from my experience it was smooth sailing, and no one worried about luggage, I even noticed many people breaking the rules, so  I wouldn’t say you can bend them, however, there’s no need to sweat it, like I was.  Even with the extra $30 dollars to bring my carry-on, it was still about $100-$150 dollars cheaper than flying any other airlines during the holidays!

The flight was great, because it is a low-fare airlines, they only serve for purchase snacks and beverages, but on a 1.5 hour flight, I didn’t mind. Everyone was super nice and friendly. I would defiantly fly with them again! And if you like to save $$ when traveling, then they are a great pick, just be aware that they do charge for seat assignments as well, so if you are not going solo-like me- then there may be extra costs!

It was really nice to fly into Provo, and not Salt Lake. My family only lives about 25 minutes away rather than 45. We got to the airport about 30 or so minutes early, but we couldn’t land so we had to circle around, ( made me so sick!). The Provo airport is the smallest airport I’ve flow in and out of, and I loved it.

I got in around 11:30, and since it was the day after Christmas, my family and I did a little post-christmas shopping, (there’s always great deals!). We got some lunch, and then we rested, ate some dinner, and we got to spend time with my baby nieces! They are so adorable!

The next morning I woke up and we got ready to head to Park City, which is my favorite place to visit in Utah. It’s so much fun in any season, but especially winter! It’s a small community, the perfect place to go on a skiing getaway! The drive into Park city is beautiful.


Park City has so much to do. They hosted some of the 2002 winter Olympics, and you can visit the museum or even ride an Olympic bobsled! In the summer they have many activities too, such as ziplining (which I have always wanted to do!).

Park City has a downtown area with restaurants and a movie theater. It’s our families tradition to eat at the Red Rock Junction, it is a brewpub type restaurant. They make amazing beer-battered onion rings. I got their generic burger with a pita pit for a bun, eh not really my favorite meal.

Park City has outlet mall shopping too. We picked up some hot coco, and walked around the shops. My favorite thing to do in Park City is to go to the downtown shopping area. It’s the main street with lots of shops, mainly high-end shopping, but you can find some deals here and there. They decorate the street during the holidays, so fun and festive! Many of the buildings are painted fun bright colors, and it also has an old-western feel to it.


dscn1442dscn1459dscn1468dscn1475dscn1476During my time in Utah we also went to Salt Lake City, and saw the Lights at the Salt lake Temple in downtown Salt Lake. It is right across from city creek shopping mall, which is also fun to go to when you visit! The Christmas lights were so pretty!



Even though it was a short trip, I still got to visit some great places! I loved being able to see my family and spending time with them!  Thanks for reading!



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