Favorite Beauty Products of 2016

Hello everyone,

While I am not planning on frequently posting about beauty, I thought it would be fun to make a post about my favorite beauty products of 2016! Here’s a few of my favorite beauty products I discovered in 2016. These products are great for someone who has thick-curly, dark hair, and fair skin!

1. EOS Lip Balm- Vanilla


I first discovered EOS lip balm this month, when I used my Step-moms. Honestly I thought this lip balm was over-rated, but once I tried it, I loved it! I especially love the shape, it’s seems like it will be hard to loose! I can’t wait to try different flavors.

2. Amika Dry Shampoo


I first discovered this product in my birchbox supscribtion. This stuff is amazing! It smells so so so good, and it works great for dark, thick, curly hair. I am sure it works great on light hair too. I think you can also pick up this product at Target!


3. Urban Decay Naked Skin- Weightless Foundation Shade 1.5


I just got this in December, I was in need of a new foundation. I found this gem at Sephora. I have honestly never found a foundation that is the exact perfect color like this one. I love how weightless it feels on my skin. It doesn’t have as much coverage as I would like, but otherwise I think I’ll keep using it!

4. Too Faced Matte Bronzer-Chocolate Soleil


I have loved the Too Faced brand from afar for a while, it seems everyone on Youtube is using it, and when I ran out of bronzer I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this stuff! It’s so pretty, and goes on so smooth. I thought I would need the “light” color but it was really orangey. This one is a nice dark but not too dark. I got it at Sephora!

5. Becca by Jacyln Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed- Champagne Pop


One of my favorite Youtubers swears by this product, so I had to try it. I am not as impressed with it as I thought, but honestly maybe I am not that great at highlighting! It’s a lovely products, Im just not sure if it’s worth it. I got it at Sephora.


6. Diorshow Mascara-Browndscn1544

This is my favorite mascara! I have been using it for a while, I love how thick it is. I have long long lashes, but they are not very thick. This helps thicken my lashes! It’s a great deal, because it lasts forever, ew, I know your suppose to change it frequently, but whateves! You can snag this at Sephora!


. Β  . Β  .

Thanks for reading my post, and comment below if you liked, tried, or want to use any of the products I’ev mentioned, also comment below if you’d like to see more blogs like this!



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