Why am I switching blog sites?

Hello everyone, for those who have been keeping up with my blog, thank you so much! I am now going to start writing my blogs here on this site rather than my previous site, (Wix), simply because I didn’t really know what I was doing when I first created my blog.

I now have more of an idea of what I would like it to become, and I know now that it is something that I would like to continue. I used the other site because it was the first one that popped up on my google search of “blog website creator”. I have since seen many other bloggers using wordpress, and I like the features!

This website allows me to have a comment section, which is great, and I think it overall had a better look to it. I am planning to switch my other blog content over, but that takes time. So if you would like to read my travel blogs, click the link above, or click here.

If your new to the blog, I am writing mainly travel diaries, a little bit about lifestyle, and I think in the future I may write a little bit about red-headed beauty (we will see).

Thank you to everyone for all the kind words and support, I have had many compliments about the blog, and I am excited to launch this new and improved blog in 2017. It was a 2016 goal of mine to start a blog, and now I have created two (ah!). So now it is my new years resolution to launch this newer and hopefully better blog in 2017.

Things you have to look forward to with this new blog: a bit more lifestyle posts, such as home decor, cooking, baking, L.A living, and wedding planning (for friends)! More traveling, I have planned some great trips for 2017!

Thanks for reading!



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