Goodbye 2016!

So much can happen within a year.

And 2016 has been quite the year.

Β I have experienced some of the most amazing moments of my life, and while it seems that 2016 was one of the worst years for the world I, luckily had an amazing year, and I hope that it carries on into the New Year! In honor of such a great year, I thought it would be fun to create a blog highlighting the wonderful times I had in 2016!

{Small disclaimer: While I did experience some magical things, and was so fortunate, I too had struggles, pain, loss, stress, sickness, and other hard times too, but I like to reflect on the good times of the year, and not on the bad! }



January is always a special time, I was lucky enough to get to be in L.A last January and celebrate 4 amazing years with my honey! I also had a blast with friends bringing in the New Year in Tahoe, at a friends cabin.





In february, I turned 23, but I guess I am still a little immature ;).


In march I visited Jeff in L.A. and our friends came to visit too! We did some fun touristy L.A things!



I became an auntie again! Baby girl Collins was born! She came into this world a little early, and a little scary, but she was the prettiest little thing! Not only did I get to be an auntie again, but I got to see my first niece become a big sister, which was so special to me, because I am the big sister. To know that some day my little niece will feel the protectiveness, love, and hope for her little sister, like I do for my little siblings, brings me so much joy and happiness. And I just recently got to meet my baby niece, she was the sweetest little thing!

I graduated from college!


Graduating from college was such an amazing moment for me, and while I did experience even more amazing and life changing moments, graduating was the number one highlight of my year. Everything that I worked towards, everything I had put into for years, and something that felt unattainable happened. Hard work really does pay off… and here I am now, six months later applying to graduate schools!

I wasn’t the only one that graduated, Jeff graduated from his Dietetic Internship program, where they held a coating ceremony. He worked so hard the past year during his internship, and it was so special to see it come full circle! Jeff also sat for his exam in Aug, and passed! It was an early 25th birthday present to himself!




I guess you could say that Europe was the highlight of June… haha. Actually it was all I “did” in June. Wow, what an amazing and beautiful, eye-opening, self fulfling, self-actualizing, amazing trip we had. I am not going to post pictures from my trip, because let’s be honest, I have posted so many in so many places… if your at all interested in seeing how my month-long excursion in Europe went, check out my travel blogs on my old blog site link on instagram ( I will hopefully soon have them converted here!).


I officially moved down to L.A. ! Saying goodbye to my hometown was pretty difficult.


Β I took Jeff to see our favorite comedian, Louis Ck, as an early birthday present! I think my cheeks still hurt from all the laughing!




This year was a whirl wind. August was a whirl wind. We had friends from back home come and visit, I jetted off to the East coast to visit my family, and flew back just in time to meet my best friend at the airport, (our flights touched down at the same time!), so we could have the time of our lives at the Adele concert. OMG, the concert was spectacular, when I look back, I cannot believe that I got to experience so much. I love Adele so much, and to say the least she is so much better live, it was a truly amazing experience.





I spent most of October doing the usual Halloween things, visiting pumpkin patches, carving pumpkins, baking, and decorating. October is also when I began blogging, when I really started putting more effort and fun into creating some content!


December always goes by fast. Between the shopping, baking, gift wrapping, traveling, visiting, and so much more, it’s hard to even recognize what day it is, let alone remember most of it, haha! My December was jam-packed with fun Christmassy things. I spent so much time with friends and family! My mom came down to visit us, and I got to go Utah to visit my dad and other family, which was my highlight!


I will also be doing a post about traveling to Utah and all the fun things we did, so stay tuned for that!

2016 was such an amazing year, I visited so many places, people, and things. I saw places and experienced things I never thought I would. I accomplished goals, aspirations and achieved things I never dreamed I could. I never knew how amazing 2016 was going to be, and when I reflect back, I am so greatfull to everyone who has been apart of it. Looking back at 2016, 2017 already has a lot to do if it wants to come close!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a Happy New Year!



2 Replies to “Goodbye 2016!”

  1. Oh honey you have such a good life. I know there were sad and bad times and proud you choose to focus on the good times. I love and miss you much. I think of you often. I am so proud of my girl and happy you have your Jeff. You are getting really good at these blogs and I love sharing them with you. Thank you for your love, kindness and being the young woman you are now and always. I can’t wait to see you and Jeff again, hope it is soon. Love, love, love.

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